• About Us

    Macitler has created a trend creation with 100% domestic elements and native models as brand value. Its products compete with distinguished brands and models on both national and international markets. It has proved that its designs are trendy in the sector, with its distinguished customers who prefer the Macitler brand.

    With more than 30 years of experience in the furniture industry has become a trend and become a domestic brand. The brand that succeeded in continuing its way in style in furniture revealed its difference in this direction in the sector as well. With its original style and global understanding, it proved to be an outstanding furniture brand. So it exhibited its products and models in national and international markets. In MODOKO, "the capital of furniture" in Turkey, "the biggest furniture city of the world" took place with stores in MASKO. It has been able to display and sell products in Europe, North Africa, Turkic Republics, Middle East and especially Gulf Countries in the world.

  • Why is the Macitler Preferred?

    The most important element that gives Macitler brand value is total quality application. Customers who prefer Macitler products knowingly buy the products

    • The exclusive design of the models is the original formation and not imitation.
    • The materials used in their products are the latest trend materials in the market
    • "The materials used in the runes are the best quality and robust materials in the market
    • As it is before sales, the quality of service after sales is also at VIP level.
    • Adopting unconditional customer satisfaction in working understanding.

    These factors have made the elite customers prefer Macitler.

  • Macitler Product Line

    Macitler products are completely native and original designs. When products are designed, the latest designs and trends are followed. The design of the products is the most talented and branded architects of our country.

  • Project Based Designs

    Macitler is able to design and manufacture both product and project oriented. Products can also be tailored to customer needs. Villas, apartments or apartments can also be made in project furniture decorations.

  • Advanced technology in production

    Macitler ,manufactures all of its products in its own factory. The most advanced technologies have been selected to offer the highest level of quality and ergonomics to the end-user machines and systems used in production.

  • Mission & Vision

    Macitler aims to maintain its continuity, and to make investment on research and development, and to reject resistance to change, and move the sense of social responsibility to maximum level with with the vision that it created without breaking away from technology, developments, entrepreneurial spirit and brave.

    It is our mission to improve the health and safety of our employees and to enhance the quality and sustainability of our Integrated Management systems, and to continuously improve the quality of our services and products, with the participation of all employees, internal and external customers.


    Taking into account the fact that information security is a key investment and the information that is in the nature of trade secrets and hinders competition, it fully understands the customers' wishes. Meeting these needs and expectations precisely meets the requirements set out in the applicable standards and legislation to ensure information security.

    On the way to the future, the strength of the past and the importance of taking lessons are dependent on consciousness and national values.

    The importance and applications for business health and safety are an indispensable element of our production and service process.

    Every field in which he operates works to be the best, focuses on the result, does not compromise on quality and service.

    It carries out all its activities in accordance with its products and services, regardless of nature and scale.

    It provides all parties with a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution at their source, to comply with their own environmental dimensions and the legal and other conditions they are obliged to.

    OHS is committed to a framework that enforces the management's oversight mechanism to determine environmental goals and program objectives and OHS targets, as required by the Environmental and Quality Management System.

    Prevention of injuries and health deterioration and the commitment to continuous improvement of OHS management and OHS performance, compliance with current legal and other conditions, to all interested parties.

    It is our social responsibility to inform employees about Occupational Health and Safety.

    It focuses on the customer, follows the developments, determines the strategy by determining the demands and expectations of the markets.

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